Do Exercise

Tone Muscles

Lose Weight

Release Tension

Patented Sensing Technology

Using a new, patented sensing technology, it can perceive the direction, strength and speed of the user’s strike and provide precision real-time feedback, constantly adjusting its reaction increment time, shown with an LED light signal.

The adjustable response speed improves hand-eye coordination for sports and extreme training such as mixed martial arts and defense training

More Than A Punch Bag

No matter what your fitness level or goal, you can find guided courses that suit your needs in "Move It Fitness" App. The courses and online coaches help you to correct movements in real-time while exercising for more efficient workouts in a shorter amount of time. 

Knock Out Your Annoying Stress

You can upload anything or anyone you're annoyed with, by a simple one touch-setup, ignite your power and release your stress. When the pressure builds…punch it out! 

Social Fun With Your Friends

To stay connected with your friends, engage them in your workout and have fun. Challenge your pals to a workout battle, move up the leader board and be the number one "Boxer" in the community.

Move It Speed is the perfect way to exercise, lose weight, or simply release tension after a long day of work. Using a reflex bag is a proven way to improve coordination and reaction speed, build muscle and tone the body in a fun and challenging way.

Knock out your frustrations in a healthy way with Move It Speed and get a great workout while having fun!

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